Element Housing is a real estate development consultancy specialising in both the new build and refurbishment residential property market, focused more favourably towards delivering schemes for affordable tenures and self-builders. We endeavour to partner with local authorities and local landowners in order to bring forward much needed housing.


Due to our lean and efficient processes, as well as creative approach to thinking, we believe that we are able to add true value to the design and development processes and therefore make schemes feasible where others could not.


We are always looking to create value within a scheme through efficient procurement processes and delivery strategies. As an example, we are actively looking to embrace modern methods of factory manufactured construction; with this it is possible to significantly de-risk a large proportion of the construction costs and reduce site durations.


Element Housing are actively seeking development opportunities and partnerships, with the intention to build up a substantial pipeline. Through strong ties with private sector funding, we would like to move quickly to deliver projects, be it one that needs to go through the planning process, is ready to be built-out, or somewhere in between.


In whatever structure we take for a development, we look to fulfil the lead development delivery role, offering our partners and investors the reassurance that the process is being driven to create a best in class product with economic efficiency. We operate a lean but resourceful approach to all of our operations, with our primary focus set on getting projects started earlier and undertaken quicker.


We have a strong connection with all stages of the process from planning advisors, valuation surveyors, quantity surveyors and a design team that can return a superior product to the end user.